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    jBPM 4.4 Jobs

    pushpak1981 Novice

      Our jpdl contains only one async nodes at start and all the other Java activities are not async. So as per the docs my workflow will run in an single transaction as it has only one async node.

      Is there any way i can stop the current executing job in between its execution ? i.e. At a particular instance when the process is running i wanted to successfully complete the current Java activity and stop the Process instance and start from the next java activity when i again signal the process.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          you can put state node in between the java nodes and if you don't like to signal it manually later on put a timer on transition from state node that will trigger to move on. Simple but perhaps it will be acceptable in your case.




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            pushpak1981 Novice

            Hi Maciej,


            thanks for the reply. In our situation what we want when we shutdown the jboss server all the current jBPM processes should be suspended and later continue when we again the start the jboss server.

            For this what we have done is created an jboss MBean. In the stop method of the MBean we are getting all the process running process instances using the jBPM query API and we are calling the processEngine.close(); method. So what is happening is our Mbeans stop method is paused till all the running processes are completed.


            Is there any way by which i can use the API to move our running process into a wait state?