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    How to - Calender -> popup open -> time select -> close and

    Magic Creative Novice

      As the title says. I would like to have my calender open on click as pop up. Then time has to be chosen. after which, by pressing Ok button it should be applied and closed.

      Till now I have achieved most of this but the time select -> apply -> close part creates me problems. To be clearer I would like apply to happen automatically and not to have to press apply button. Here is the code, any help will be appreciated:

      <rich:calendar id="dummy"
      value="#{dummy}" popup="true"
      datePattern="MMMM d, yyyy HH:mm" enableManualInput="false"
      showApplyButton="true" cellWidth="24px" cellHeight="22px"
      ondateselected="Richfaces.getComponent('calendar',this).showTimeEditor();return true;"
      style="padding: 2px; margin-left: 10px;" disabled="#{readOnlyMode}">
      <a4j:support event="onchanged" />