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    Is it possible to use Twiddle to deploy .xml files that can then be read using getResourceAsStream?

    biscuit Newbie

      We are moving to JBoss 5.1.0 with autodeployment disabled. Therefore, we need to use twiddle to do our deployments.


      The only place I have got stuck is deploying .xml files. These files are independent of our .war/.ear files and contain things such as Log4J configuration. As an example, we have a file called myapp_log4j.xml which, if deployed by hand, would be deployed in conf. It would then be read using:


      InputStream in = LoggerFactory.class.getResourceAsStream("/myapp_log4j.xml");


      This works fine if the .xml file is placed in the conf folder directly.


      I have tried the following but it doesn't work:


      twiddle.sh invoke "jboss.system:service=MainDeployer" deploy /tmp/deployfiles/myapp_log4j.xml


      What command should I use to make this file available using twiddle?