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    Generated double-slash in webservice URL

    Anatoliy Kulikov Newbie

      Currently I am doingmigration of our project from jboss 4 to jboss 6 final. One of the problems isgenerated extra slash in a path to the web services endpoint.

      We are using POJO web services.

      Some configuration:

      In jboss-web.xml we have <context-root>/</context-root>

      In web.xml we have










      I am able to deploy current project but every web service endpoint contains double-slash

      Here is an example http://localhost:8080//iut/trainingCertificationServicehttp://localhost:8080/iut/trainingCertificationService?wsdl

      Somehow jboss deployment is adding endpoint configuration to a root context. A result is simple //iut/myWebservices.Is anybody knows how to remove extra slash from endpoint path? Our project is huge. So I created test project and deployed web service with a context-root different from “/” and I got correct result and path to the web service endpoint. Even in a test project after setting context-root to a “/” I got double slashesin URL. Is it a jboss bug or I am missing something.  I am using jboss 6.0.0 final and java version"1.6.0_22"

      Thank you for help