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    Button in row of ExtendedDataTable?

    ibstmt Newbie

      In a DataTable, I can put a command button on a row, and react to row selections accordingly:




           value="Do Something"



           <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{item}" target="#{myManager.selectedItem}" />

           <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{row}" target="#{myManager.selectedRow}" />




      This works perfectly. However, I can't do the same in an ExtendedDataTable. The above code has no effect. I always have to use the a4j:support tag, with an "onselectionchange" event, to capture the selected row. That works, but my action has to be either in a menu, or in a button outside the table. I'd occasionally like to put an action button or icon inside the table, at the end of each row, rather than outside the table. Is this possible?