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    RF4: rich:tree does not work

    Jesper Vrelits Newbie



      I've more or less copied the tree example from the showcase:


      <rich:tree toggleType="ajax" var="item" >

                      <rich:treeModelRecursiveAdaptor roots="#{controller.fileSystemNode}"  nodes="#{item.directories}">




                          <rich:treeModelAdaptor nodes="#{item.files}">






      BUT it does not seem to work.


      I can see that controller.fileSystemNode get called alright and returns FileSystemNode which has getDirectories and getFiles (much like showcase examples).


      The problem however seems that nodes="#{item.directories}" resolves to NULL and therefore nothing is displayed.


      getDirectories of FileSystemNode is never called.


      Is this supposed to work. How is FileSystemNode put into "item" so that #{item.directories} will resolve?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          you should pass not just filesystemnode object but actuall roots collection.. look to sources from 3.3.x (almost the same for the 4 used)

          package org.richfaces.treemodeladaptor;



          public class FileSystemBean {

              private static String SRC_PATH = "/WEB-INF/src";


              private FileSystemNode[] srcRoots;


              public synchronized FileSystemNode[] getSourceRoots() {

                  if (srcRoots == null) {

                      srcRoots = new FileSystemNode(SRC_PATH).getNodes();



                  return srcRoots;




                          <rich:treeModelRecursiveAdaptor roots="#{FSN.roots}"  nodes="#{item.directories}">
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            Jesper Vrelits Newbie

            Hi Ilya!


            Thanks. That was the cause. Not sure how I could miss that small detail.

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              Grzegorz Zalewski Newbie



              I am newby in JAVA and richfaces and I have the same problem, because in the class (in example) there is no method "getNodes".

              Could You send me code example or explain how it make work ?


              Thanks a lot !