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    Facing problem with Mbean Dependencies

    Saurabh Valsangkar Newbie



      We are using JBOSS EAP 5.0.1 and we have recently upgraded from JBOSS 4.0.3 to 5.0.1.

      We have the Bean websdk.util:service=MessagingMonitor (Non HA defined in server\all\deploy-hasingleton\websdk-jboss-service.xml)which internally uses bean jboss.messaging.connectionfactory:service=ConnectionFactory (HA and defined in all\deploy-hasingleton\messaging\connection-factories-service.xml)


      We cannot add depends to MessagingMonitor because in case of clustering it won't get ConnectionFactory on secondary.

      (MessageMonitor is non HA while ConnectionFacotry bean is HA)


      We want to start ConnectionFactory before MessagingMonitor as MessagingMonitor is specified in deploy.last. This was working fine in Jboss 4, is there any way to achieve this?

      Is there any way by which we can control these dependecies? Please let me know if anyone can help me with the solution to this problem?




      Saurabh V.