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    Snapshot Report (JBossAS Pugin Connection Senttings)

    Rafael Soares (Tuelho) Novice



      There is a 'Snapshot Report' subset available in JBossAS' Inventory view (JBossAS > Inventory > Connection Setting).

      How it works? When a snapshot will be fired (wich is the trigger)? Where is it stored?



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          mazz Master

          This was a prototype feature that hasn't been fully completed yet. It was more a proof of concept that still appeared to be useful for some people/use-cases so we left it in. You can read BZ 535433 for more details on what we want to accomplish.


          We want a way for the user to request the log files, configuration files, data files and the like for a particular resource. Today, you can do this but not through the GUI - the CLI has an API to allow you to request the snapshot, via the Support subsystem.


          The idea is you go to the resource's "connection settings" and you set the snapshot report properties to enable the ability for that resource to collect snapshots and to define what files will be collected in snapshots (since config files, data files and such could contain sensitive information, we want to allow you to turn portions of this feature off for a particular resource - you could, for example, just allow log files to be collected in the snapshot, but not configuration files, for your managed JBossAS resource).


          You then ask for a snapshot to be taken. All the files that you allowed (in connection settings) to be collected are zipped up by the agent and sent to the RHQ Server, the RHQ Server then places that zip file in its "downloads" directory for you to download and examine. I forget the exact URL you use to get the snapshot zip, but its something like "http://localhost:7080/downloads" - you can find the snapshot zip files on the filesystem under <rhq-install-dir>/jbossas/server/default/deploy/rhq.ear/rhq-downloads.


          How do you ask for a snapshot? Like I said, you can't do it in the GUI today, but if you go to the CLI, you can ask for it via the Support subsystem. The API to use is:


          org.rhq.enterprise.server.support.SupportManagerRemote.getSnapshotReport(Subject, int, String, String)


          Read the javadocs on that for more info.

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            Rafael Soares (Tuelho) Novice

            Ok Mazz!


            Thank by explanation!


            BTW, is there any plans to improve the Configurations capabilities in JBossAS[5] Plugins? Would be nice do changes using JON UI in JBossWeb server.xml, jboss-log4j.xml, run.conf (JAVA_OPTS variable) files. A change in these file could trigger a snapshot too.



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              mazz Master

              Heiko Rupp is currently working on a new JBossAS plugin to support the upcoming JBossAS 7. There is no new development going on in the JBossAS 5 plugin code base, aside from bug fixes. We'd need some community contributions to further advance the JbossAS 5 plugin that comes with RHQ.