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    RF 4 extendedDataTable Column resize & move - store values

    mbi Newbie



      i'm using the rich:extendedDataTable and i would like to store the actual column order and the column width after moving a column respectively resizing a column.


      My Problem is that i can't catch the AJAX-Events on Bean-side because its obviously not possible to attach a Listener, neither actionListener nor valueChangeListener, to the Table. I don't know its possible to hook in at JavaScript with an custom JavaScript-Listener that triggers some kind of JSF Event wgich i can catch, because my JS Skill are not that high i want to.


      Currently i can store the column-width indirectly with getters/setters of my bean attached to width-Attribut of rich:column. But with this solution i can only save the values of the past lifecycle brougth by the setters and not the actual ones.


      Is there any way to get the actual values for column-width and column-order directly during processing of the AJAX-Request after column-resizing/-moving?