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    JBPM5 Error event (Fault node)

    Miguel Martin Newbie

      Hi, I'm testing jbpm5 and I have some doubts about the "ErrorEvent".


      When I reach a "Error Event" in my flow, I don't know what to do to throw an error. Should I create a java class that is called like theFaultName?


      I read everything I could about the "Error Event" but nothing has cleared my doubts.



        • 1. JBPM5 Error event (Fault node)
          Miguel Martin Newbie

          Hi, I'm still testing the "Error Event".


          Currently I have a "Error Event" which is reached when certaincondition is met in a gateway.


          My "Error Event" is this:




          This "Error Event" is in a subprocess that has established the following Exception Handler:




          From Exception Handler of the subprocess I call a "MessageEvent" in the main process (which contains the subprocess).


          My "Message Event" is this:




          My main problem is that the flow does not reach my "MessageEvent" from the Exception Handler of the thread.


          Can someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?