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    infinite message redelivery between Queue and MDB

    maximep Newbie



      I'm having a problem with a JEE Application which is consuming JMS messages via MDBs. I'm working with JBoss 6.0.0Final.

      When the MDB throws an exception while processing his onMessage() function, the message cannot be pulled away from the JMS Queue, and HornetQ keeps trying redelivering it infinitely.


      I'm not the one who configured this server, so I don't really understand how I should change this behaviour. Actually, I accidentally sent a Message with a wrong object inside, and it's logical that the MDB rejects it. I would like to know how to flush the JMS Queues/Topics, or how to make the MDB accepting the message even if it throws an exception, since HornetQ saves the messages when shutting down JBoss. I can't get ridd of these buggy messages...