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    Richfaces TabPanel Problem-Page inside a tab submits all the last visited pages in tabpanel

    Magesh r Newbie

      Hi Friends,


                Am new to Richfaces and also to the jboss community.I have developed a application using jsf2.0 and richfaces 3.3.3.I have layout page which has tabpanel with dynamic number of tabs created within it.Inside each tab i have layoutpanel for left and right position.Left panel will hav set of links while right panel will include the respective page based on left panel link click using a4j:include.


      The beans are in request scope and am using a4j:keepAlive.


      The problem is when i swicth over the tabs or when i click a link inside particular tab it submits the last visited page in each tab which should not happen.


      I want only the current tab page to be submitted.Wats going wrong here.Please help on this.

      (The layout.xhtml file has been attached)