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    GateIn, few Questions...

    Grzegorz Sherkan Newbie


      I try to understand and get larn GateIn, but I got couple questions...

      Can you please answer on it?


      1. I want to create simple navigation bar, simple menu with my own links like in html code:

      <a href="..."> Can I, and/or how Can I do it?


      2. I want to create first simple page, but I can't find editor.

      My idea is to create 2 rows of web page. In the top one or two portles/gadgets and at the bottom my own html code. Can I do it?


      3. How can I style my web page? I mean, how can I add styling too html body?


      4. I want to create registration form with my java class and my own java mail email sending system. How can I do it?

      Thank you.