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    How can a "read-only" ConnectionFactory be configured?

    nognyanov Newbie

      Can somebody please advise whether and how is it possible to configure a JMS ConnectionFactory as "read-only", so that connections it creates can be used for listening to messages but not for posting? I see some evidence that this might be possible in log files saying e.g.:


      [java] org.hornetq.jms.example.SpawnedJMSServer out:10:41:10,941 INFO  @main [HornetQCo

      nnectionFactory] read only is false


      Unfortunately I am not able to find anything more specific in documentation and .xsd files.


      In some detail my use case is: I have an enterprise app running in Jboss and Swing client(s) connecting to it. What I want to achieve is to let Swing clients listen to messages but prevent them from posting.