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    Add/Remove a Filter/Servlet dynamically on a running portal

    dweigandt Newbie



      i'm realy new to GateIn and would like to know the way how to add a HttpFilter to a running!!! portal instance.

      Code samples of the portal-extention with Filter/Servlets work only after restart the whole portal

      or you get a Exception like this after deploying in running portal:



      13:12:26,797 ERROR [[/sample-ext]] Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.exoplatform.container.web.PortalCon
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No pre init tasks can be added to the portal container 'portal', because it has already been initialized. Check the
      ebapp 'sample-ext'
              at org.exoplatform.container.RootContainer$PortalContainerPreInitTask.onAlreadyExists(RootContainer.java:741)


      My Problem is general. What can a developer change/add/edit/remove really dynamically without restarting gatein.


      I think about developing modules of software I can deploy/undeploy every time I want without restarting gatein.


      Sample: I deploy a web project with a filter and can redirect user

      to a special page if they have a special GET parameter or a special Cookie in request.

      Or I can deploy/undeploy a module with service in it. Service will be bound maybe as component, maybe in jndi context - so after it I can create a page with a new portlet(can be deployed dynamically every time) that can access the service/component to do some work.


      How ist it possible ? What is the best way.