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    jboss 6, maven 3, ejb,..

    jordi viure Newbie

      Hello! I am doing an application that have the next structure:












      if I deploy the photogallery_app-1.0.ear file to jboss there is no problem, but I cannot execute (because I don't see) the photogallery_gui! when I worked with Glassfish, in the console administration I see next to the photogallery_gui an start button that open my swing application client - the same as :


      javaws http://poseidon:8080/photogallery_app-1.0/photogallery_gui-1.0


      I do the ear package with maven. How can execute the gui jar (have a Main class) that is in the ear file once deployed to the jboss server? many many thanks!



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The java-module is to distribute additional classes for ejb or web applications.

          Classes that have a main method are normaly not supported by the server.

          Also input or direct use of awt or swing in such JEE application is against the spec.


          Or do I understand something wrong?

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            jordi viure Newbie

            thanks for the response. mmm, when I work before with Glassfish, I could do that. In the ear I've the kernel jar and the "gui" jar (done with swing).


            The main idea to do this is that I deploy the ear in a server, the people downloads the jnlp and start working with my java program. If I do an update to the program (i redeploy the ear), when they click the jnlp again, the program will be the last version always.

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master


              I'm wrong, what you do is to you use Java WebStart.

              This should be possible, but I have done this a long time ago with, let me think, JBoss 3.x or 4.0.

              So I'm not able to help you ATM, sorry