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    Round corner for rich components

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      There is not much information about round corners for richfaces components. I have a richfaces application where in I want to apply round corners for panel, datatable and modalpanel. We hardly got it worked for panel, modalpanel with some issues and not able to do the same for rich datatable. Issues with panels and modalpanels

      1) there are some components with in the panel loaded basing on some conditions. whenever, rerender these components after satisfying the crieteria, panel is not getting adjusted basing on the dynamically increased size of the screen(Please check attached screen shot). Panel size is getting stagnated and rendered components are getting displayed outside the panel.

      2) Round corners for the panel is working fine but not getting applied it to the header facet of the panel.


      If anybody has ever tried for round corners with panel, modalpanel and datatable successfully, could please post some code or suggestion regarding this.


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