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    a4j:status within rich:column design problem

    Emil Newbie


      I'm trying to use a a4j:status within a rich:column inside a datatable without success. It only triggers the status in the datatable.

      More about how it works (should work):
      I have 7 columns displaying the actual data, where the last one to the right has an expand/more details commandlink. When clicking this commandlink, a new column with colspan 7 and breakbefore=true is shown (in other words, if clicking on commandlink on row 3, the details will be shown between row 3 and row 4).

      My first plan was to assign the id:s of the a4j:status dynamically but this wasnt allowed by the TLD. Instead I tried to set the for attribute by checking the id of the commandlink (by backing bean binding).

      Then I tried to do the reverse, setting the status attribute of the commandlink by figuring out the id of the a4j:status, but the "full path" (including form:component1:component2:status etc) of the a4j:status isnt used.
      Read a bug request that this was the purpose of the component and that it instead should be used with multiple a4j:regions. But I cant figure out how to get a a4j:region for each row within the table, since this would solve my problems.

      So my question is how you would design a solution like this and how do I solve my last problem, to insert a a4j:region for each table row?

      Im using Richfaces 3.3.1.