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    Richfaces tooltip not working for h:outputlink tag?

    Sonal Patil Newbie

      Hello friends, I am using JSF 2.0 & Richfaces 4.0 for my project.There is one model as download file and for that purpose I used h:outputlink to download file.The file downloads properly.But i used icon to show download option & attached rich:tooltip to show tooltip when mouse hover on that icon but it is not showing.If I used a4j:commandlink then tooltip shows but i cant implelement download functionality using a4j:commandlink. Can anybody tell me what is the reason that tooltip is not working for h:outputlink? Here is my code..


      <h:outputLink rendered="#{docList.docType=='FILE' and not empty docList.docName}" value="/FileDownload" title="Download Documents">
                                                                                      <f:param name="fileId" value="#{docList.docId}"/>
                                                                                      <f:param name="fileName" value="#{docList.docName}"/>
                                                                                      <f:param name="fileSize" value="#{docList.docLength}"/>
                                                                            <h:graphicImage library="images" name="doc_save_icon.png" style="border:0;"/>
                                                                            <rich:tooltip styleClass="tooltip" layout="block" mode="ajax" value="Download Documents">
                                                                               Download Documents