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    Déploiement automatique sur jboss

    imen imen Newbie


      je veux savoir, est ce que il y a une possibilité de deployer plusieur fois application cliente (jsf par exemple) sur jboss automatiquement.


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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          better ask your questions in english here - I can read a bit of french, but you don't want me to reply in French ;-).


          Deploying an app to JBoss might be very simple: just copy the archive file to the deploy directory, and JBoss will deploy it automatically.


          If you want to deploy the apps using the JBoss deployment API, you might take a look at e.g. "Cargo": http://cargo.codehaus.org/

          See e.g. this for more details: http://cargo.codehaus.org/JBoss+Remote+Deployer


          Best regards



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            imen imen Newbie


            thank you " Wolfgang",

            my problem is how to use a client application (J2EE) deployed on JBOSS server many times !!!

            ie, how to have an instance of this application with the client A and another instance of the same application with the client B, C, ...

            I have already visited the site "Cargou" and i read  About the ACC (Application Client Container) but I do not know if this is the solution !!! ??

            any help please



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              Peter Johnson Master

              Is you application purely a web application (war), or does it have EJBs and other things?


              If it is a war, you could rename it (example: clienta.war, clientb.war, etc). Then each can be deployed and your clients would access http://hostname:8080/clienta, http://hostname:8080/clientb, etc. I suspect you could use virtual hosts (http://community.jboss.org/wiki/VirtualHostsWithJBossAS) to provide nucer URLs to each company.


              If it is an EAR and you have EJBs, then you will run into issues because it will be difficult to deploy the application multiple times due to possible JNDI naming conflicts among the EJBs. Not to mention the fact that if you can prevent name collisions that you have change the names that each instance of the application looks up.


              Is there a database involved? Have you thought about how your application would keep the data for each client separate? Perhaps each application instance would use its own database.


              You could always run one instance of JBoss AS for each client. Perhaps you could have a VM with JBoss AS and the database dedicated to a client.

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                imen imen Newbie

                my application is an EAR and i have EJBs, and i have database connection

                so, if I understand, The solution is to use JBoss AS ???? I must have a VM for each client ???? 





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                  Wolfgang Knauf Master



                  so you have an EAR file with some EJBs and a bunch of app clients, all accessing the same EJBs? Are they all packaged as "client jars" in the EAR file, or are they standalone apps, which are separated from the deployed EJB jar/EAR?


                  First, to come back to Peter's question: is your client  a standalone java client (which is run in a standalone JVM), or is it a web app, run in the same server?


                  If you use a standalone client: Basically, it should be possible to use a client which is not part of an EAR file (I am not sure about it, but it is my understanding of the EJB spec). In this case, you would have to lookup the global names of the EJBs, probably no chance to use the Environment naming context or use EJB injection.


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                    imen imen Newbie



                    1) yes i have an EAR file with some EJBs, and i want to create a bunch of app cleints accessing the same EJBs


                    2) I have file.jar (which includes my EJBs, entity, ... it's EJB Project) and fichier.war for my (JSFproject Client side ) which contains my XHTML file, and managed beans ... Finaly, I created an EAR project which includes this two project.


                    3) So My client is a web app run in the same server.

                    is it clear ??

                    What do you think about Java Web Start ???





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                      Wolfgang Knauf Master



                      sorry, I don't know much about Java Web Start, so I cannot help you further. I just found this link: http://www.mastertheboss.com/web-interfaces/217-how-to-deploy-java-web-start-applications-on-jboss.html


                      But I am not sure whether I understand your requirement. Please try to provide more details on your project/application.

                      Do you need multiple different application clients, all with different client side code, which all access your EJBs?

                      Or is you app used by multiple users, all on different machines?


                      Best regards