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    Action-Attribut in rich:tree

    Achim Grimm Newbie


      the forumsearch doesn't seem to work at the moment. That's why I give it a try without searching before.

      I want to send a ajax-request whenever a treenode is opended or gets selected. I need to send a specific-action with the request. That's why I can't use any listerners to do the job.

      The tree doesn't have a action-attribute that i could use. So I tried to use the onexpand-event to trigger a jsFunction. That worked fine. The problem I got, I need to stop the event to trigger the ajax-tree-request. This is because I already sent my request using my jsFunction.

      I thought about something like this: onexpand="callServer(); return false;"
      This would work with normal HTML-components.

      Do you have any idea?