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    JTA and EJB call from weblogic to jbos

    Rahul Alvarez Newbie

      I have a problem with the JBOSS application server 6, I am making a business application which uses ejb 3.0 (CMT), the problem is that I need this application is called from another ejb deployed in weblogic 10.3.2. I managed to call an deployed on jboss from weblogic server ejb, the problem I have is that one does not propagate the transaction of weblogic to jboss as the JTA transaction is initiated at an earlier point in the weblogic server.

      I wonder if it is possible to do this?, and if jbossts can make this case and that way?



      Greetings from Spain

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          Michael Musgrove Master

          Transaction interoperability requires both ends to understand how the transaction context is encoded. Unfortuately we use a private encoding which means that although we implement JTS we don't interoperate with other transaction managers. The reason we pass the TCK is that context propagation is optional. Perhaps AS7 will provide the required support, but don't quote me.

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