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    Announcing Narayana

    Thomas Jenkinson Master



      We are pleased to announce a project rebrand to take effect with the 5.0 version of JBossTS. Although we do not have a 5.0 version of the software available today, the trunk codebase will be changing over to this in the near future from a package point of view, plus you will soon be able to see our new branding on our new site: www.jboss.org/narayana.


      As a sneak peek at our branding, please feel free to download our uber-cool new wallpaper to show your support for our project. It is almost guarenteed to make your friends jealous with its stylish look: https://www.jboss.org/coolstuff/desktopwallpapers/narayana.html


      The other point to note is that with the 5.0 release of the software, I will be taking over the reins of the project from Jonathan. So if you have any questions about future work, feel free to ping me or the team on IRC (freenode/#jbossts) to discuss.


      All the best,