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    Server development baseline changed to AS7


      Until now, the server components of Savara 2.x have been aimed at deployment on AS5 (as the basis for the current enterprise platform), AS6, and eventually AS7.


      However, for the following reasons, it has been decided that it will be more productive to focus on delivering Savara 2.0 on JBossAS7 and associated projects only.


      1) AS7 is a complete rebuild using a different architecture. This has significant performance, startup and memory footprint benefits. However due to its new architecture, Savara would have had to provide different installation mechanisms for each server version. Baselining on AS7 simplifies the installation.


      2) The new AS7 architecture has native support for OSGi, so making it easier to plugin the Savara OSGi core bundles.


      3) There is a new ESB project at jboss.org (switchyard) which will be used with AS7 in place of the current jbossesb. Therefore any tasks currently planned for jbossesb will now be re-directed to switchyard.


      4) jbossws 4 will provide the ability for global interceptors (JBWS-3109) to be configured for JAX-WS services, regardless of WS stack used - although AS7 by default will use CXF.