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    RF4+Spring+Hibernate validator

    Jesper Vrelits Newbie



      I'm writing custom bean validators (JSR 303) and want to @Autowired dependencies into them.


      It works fine if I use it with spring wired Validator:



      private Validator validator;


      With Richfaces, however, the injection of @Autowired does not work.


      I guess it somehow does not pick up the SpringContraintValidatorFactory.


      I'm not sure how I get Richfaces to use this factory.


      Currently my workaround is to do it manually:


      public void initialize(ValidateAuthorisations constraintAnnotation) {

              if (autowiredBean == null) {






      but of couse, I would like to get rid of this code.


      Any suggestions?

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          Justin Nauman Newbie

          I went about this a bit different because I could not come up with the solution you were able to, using the SpringConstraintValidationFactory.


          I wrote a custom javax.validation.ConstraintValidatorFactory that also implements org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware.  In the com.company.validation.CustomConstraintValidationFactory.setApplicationContext(ApplicationContext) method I simply save off the application context.  When a call is made to com.company.validation.CustomConstraintValidationFactory.getInstance(Class<T>) looking for a constraint validator, I first check to see if Spring is managing an instance of a bean that fits the class signature.  If it does, I return the Spring bean that is autowired up.  If it does not, I delegate to teh regular Validation.byDefaultProvider()'s implmenetation for looking up the validator.


          You can customize this setting through the validation.xml that is located in the META-INF directory.  More information can be found at: http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/validator/4.0.1/reference/en/html_single/#d0e1867