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    pb Persistence cluster JMS JBOSS AS 4.1

    eric eric Newbie

      I build a conf JBoss 4.1 community platform with :

      - 1 cluster of two nodes JMS JBoss AS  with Messaging with clustered queues

      - 1 mysql 5.0 persistence unit for permanent JMS messages in master/master config

      - 1 cluster of two nodes EJB session stateless for business logic

      - 1 jms client to deliver messages for the JMS cluster.

      What does it happen ?

      when I send messages in 20 threads of 30 msg in the clustered queues :

      ALL is al right : each message is managed by 1  node MDB  of the JMS cluster, each MDB onDemand method activates  a EJB business function in the EJB cluster.

      But after the test, there are SOME messages that stay in the mysql RDBMS :

      JBM_MSG_REF 0 message

      JBM_MSG 6 messages are in the persistence table.

      for 600 msg sent.

      Is there any one that have any idea of what does it happend  ? Is is a bug or how to solve this pb ?

      The pb doesn't happend with 5 threads for 2 messages !!!

      Best regards.