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    Resolve bean value for Menu action parameter

    Chris Ericsson Newbie

      Hi, trying to use the panelMenu and its child componets. In my Bean i have two nested list, with the top panelMenuGroup and its decendents panelMenuItem. For the action parameter I access a POJO list (via ui:repeat) with menuItem and give it a action-path like this;


      <rich:panelMenuItem action="#{menuItem.actionPath}" ... />


      Then I get that "menuItem.actionPath " path can not be accessed or resolved. But if i change it to;


      <rich:panelMenuItem action="#{menuItem.getActionPath()}" ... />


      Then I get the expexted result and the user is redirected according to the Bean value. What i don't understand is why i can access a get/set method with normal EL syntax (menuItem:actionPath). Is there a reson for this ?


      Best regards Chris.