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    JSFUnit logo and mascot!

    Stan Silvert Master

      I've been working with one of our graphic artists from RedHat to come up with a logo for JSFUnit.  This is the one I like so far.  What do you guys think?   Is it obvious what those glasses are and why the JSFUnit mascot would be wearing them?


      If we stay with this little fellow, he'll need a name.  Any ideas?



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          Alexander Jesse Newbie

          Very cute little chap. I like that logo.


          name? How about Clark?


          It's not so obvious what the glasses are about. But that still can be explained on a intro-page to JSFUnit

          Maybe a very subtle color touch could add a bit of spice to the logo?

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            Stan Silvert Master

            We've improved it a bit.  I think this is the one we will finally go with.  Is there any significance to Clark or is it that you just like the name?



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              Alexander Jesse Newbie

              Still looks nice...  Although when looking at the smaller rendering the first design has cooler eyes... in the second proposal the glasses just seem to be filed with mist.

              And the lowercase lettering improves quite a bit. Though... the dot on the i somehow seems to large...


              I know I came up with Clark for some reasoning, but (Shame...) I can't remember what reasoning it was. I think it has to do with "Cute Little Chap". And starting with Cl, Clark came up. Today I would say..,. I call him Clark, 'cause he looks "like a Clark" ... ok some memory came back... Clark is also the name of ... Superman (Clark Kent)!!! Looking at this rendering there is even some resemblance between the two.. somehow our Clark seems to be the young Clark Kent...