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    Can't change text color after migrating to RichFaces 4.0

    Paul Wicher Newbie


      After migration to richfaces 4 text color from my own css file is overwritten by enabled skin.

      Here is some code/configurations:

      In web.xml:










      On my page I have:

      <rich:column  styleClass="${document.isActive()?'active_row':'non_active_row'}">


      And in css file:



          background-color: green;



      After loading the page component looks like this:

      <td class="rf-dt-c non_active_row" id="j_idt13:expectedDocTable:0:j_idt16">Some text</td>


      The row has green background but the text is black, not gray. After changing class from "rf-dt-c non_active_row" to "non_active_row" text become gray so rf-dt-c class has overwriteen my custom class? Is there a way to disable this behaviour?


      Thanks for any help.