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    JBoss AS 6.1.0 Release


      Reinstated by popular demand, we are proceeding with a JBoss AS 6.1.0 release.  As previously discussed, the plan is to address the outstanding issues on the roadmap. The OPEN issues have been triaged and assigned.  Those marked OPEN TO COMMUNITY or Unassigned are available to anyone that wants to contribute and has some time to help us out.


      Even though we are not targeting a specific release date, I'd like to maintain continued progress toward that goal and ideally around June/July which would be six months after 6.0.0.Final.   


      Discussions will continue in this forum, on the jboss-development list, or on  IRC Freenode channel #jboss-dev. 


      Anyone looking for the 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT zip built from jbosssas/trunk, they can be found here