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    JBoss boot messages and confirming nodes communicate

    emmett mclean Newbie


      I'm unclear whether two machines on the same cluster are communicating with each other.


      These are the instructions that get executed in $%BOSS_HOME%\bin\service.bat :


      call run.bat -c vNode1 -g vCluster -b -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=1 >run_vNode1.log

      call run.bat -c vNode2 -g vCluster -b -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=2 >run_vNode2.log


      I'm confused by these messages that appear in the JBoss boot.log file:


      1. [QuartzScheduler] Scheduler JBossQuartzScheduler_$_NON_CLUSTERED started.

      2. ARJUNA-12332 "Failed to establish connection to server"


      The comments suggest that JBoss is starting in a non-clustered mode - but maybe
      the messages are JBossQuartzScheduler and Arjuna specfic - and have nothing to do with the
      cluster starting.


      Aside from bring down one of the nodes and confirming the cluster VIP is still responding -
      What can I do to confirm that the nodes of the cluster are communicating?


      Do I have to insert statements into my webapp which write user session variables to the log file
      and confirm those variables are being preservered when one of the nodes comes down?