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    rich:tree expanding problem

    Mustafa Sait Ozen Newbie

      Hi Everyone,
      I have a problem with rich tree in my template page . When I expand tree, all things that are right side (body part) of the tree will show under their first position. The code :

      <rich:page sidebarPosition="left" sidebarWidth="400">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <rich:spacer height="10px" />

      <f:facet name="sidebar">

      <rich:tree switchType="ajax"
      value="#{bean.stationNodes}" var="station"
      reRender="ajaxForm, ustPanel"
      ajaxSubmitSelection="true" />


      <ui:insert name="body" />

      <f:facet name="footer">



      After I expand the tree, all things at right side goes down :(

      What can i do ?
      Thanx in advance