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    EXTGWT UI inside the JBPM5 project (Help me)

    Marcelo Martini Newbie

      Hi my question is:


      I would need to implement custom UI for the company, I have much experience with GWT, but flat GWT is a bit poor to level visual widgets, thus I have worked on EXT GWT.


      I would like to know if the community agrees with the choice of using EXTGWT (http://www.sencha.com/products/extgwt/examples/) to generate the console UI. Because for what I observed in the Guvnor  component  they have used EXTGWT, but as I have listened they have made a rollback to return to flat GWT.


      EXTGWT license is GNU GPL v3 license. and is compatible with ASL, therefore it is feasible the use of this technology for the UI.


      Another thing that I observed is that JBOSS implemented NEXUS with EXTGWT (https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/index.html#welcome)




      Many graces for your help.


      Marcelo Martini (OSDE company)

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          As far as I know Guvnor is being refactored to remove all the EXT-GWT code that it's in there. the same is happening with Wapama the process designer tool.

          Google is making huge investment in GWT and that sounds like a secure bet for the future.

          I think that using plain/pure GWT will be better to not be dependant of third party framework that can change the licensing when they want.

          Once you learn GWT we can create whatever component that we want, most with the new versions that are including more and more ways to create smarter components.


          My two cents..