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    map to previous node

    Chris Melas Apprentice


      I would like to create a sequence flow to a previous node for example,


      start node->user task node 1->condition->

      ok yes->end node

      ok no->user task node 1


      However in eclipse editor i cannot map a sequence flow to a previous node. If i try it by editing the xml the process does not get rendered in eclipse and i get error messages.


      So the question is whether connecting to a previous node is a constraint in bpmn spec or not.


      Connecting to a previous node allows easily to model state machines .



      I would greately appreciate any help or comment. Thanks

        • 1. map to previous node
          Chris Melas Apprentice

          Sorry for the hassle but of course it is also possible to go back through previous nodes in eclipse by combining converge gateways so the example i mentioned above would go like this,


          start node -> gateway converge -> user task node 1 -> condition (gateway diverge) ->

          ok yes -> end node

          ok no -> gateway converge


          p.s. although oryx designer allows direct connections to previous nodes  (haven't tried to compile the package because after editing the process shows blank screen etc.... so that's another issue i'm waiting to figure out or get resolved - relative thread (http://community.jboss.org/message/604125) )