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    Creation as well as validation of WSDL file in java

    Sudhir Kumar Jha Newbie

      Hello All,


      I have query regarding creation of wsdl file generation and validation of the same.


      I had created on webservice in java platform(using Jboss developer studio).While creation of wsdl, i had selected protocol SOAP and style as "document" and type as "literal".

      which works in my environment.Than the developed web service should be accessed by webinterface developed in .net platform.


      It seems my web method defined in implemention class after exposing my generated wsdl to .net application is begin treated as CLASS not as method.

      I have no clue what went wrong (:


      I suspect my wsdl file generated in java platform which should have something more as expected and i am missing those things in wsdl file.


      Can anybody help me to get rid off this.


      P.S: Kindly have a look of the wsdl file which had been generated in java platform.

      Best Regards,

      Sudhir Jha