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    juddi configuration question

    Rajasundaram Gopalan Novice

      In juddi db publisher table maximum services per business is set 25 and we have only one business service and that business service contains 147 services. Does it has any impact because some services I get message failed excpetion and those messages are sent to dead letter queues. I gone through debug mode and it was failing to found epr. Do I need to increase 150?

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          jUDDI doesn't enforce the tier limits.   


          Is this the same error you were having in the thread before on the production machine?     Have you increased the connection pool and verified that the setting took?   


          Have you definitely gone in and made sure that org.jboss.soa.esb.failure.detect.removeDeadEPR is set to true?        Can you try removing all the juddi tables in the database?

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            Rajasundaram Gopalan Novice

            Yes we added the remove dead elf property on esb box where we deployed our esbs but we didn't make changes on client location. And yes we increased connections to high number 150. And whenever we restart our servers we drop all tables in juddi. Is there anyways to monitor jms connections