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    How to Dynamic virtual hosts

    sridhar reddy Newbie

      I have a web application which serves the dynamic customized content based on the domain name.

      Multiple Domain names are mapped to this application and lot more domain names may get added.


      Till date i am running single instance of jboss server on port 80 (no apache proxy) and and configured this app as default. When ever a new domain name is added i used to add an alias name in jboss virtual hosts and restart the server.


      But now due to increased loads i am planning to implement server clustering and load balancing.

      i am planning to start multiple instances of the jboss server 5.0.1 on the same machine with single ip.


      I am not finding any way how can i configure apache server as proxy for load balancing and resolve dynamic domain name mapping to web app on jboss.


      please help me.