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    How to use progress bar in jsf using jquery and update its progress using handler/bean or with java file ?

    P18Mar ch ;) Newbie

                            How to build progress bar in jsf?


      I have build using JQUERY

      it but i have to manually enter how much its % now how can I changed/increased progress % using handler/bean of progress bar





                              How to build progress bar in jsf?                                                                                       

      How can i use this


      Problem :

      Update progressbar when

      1. a click is performed from a jsf page and /**           Progress bar is start        **/

      2. a method called from handler using jsf

      3. a dao process called from handler which do its process /**  No at this time progress bar must update in jsf      **/

      4. process complete and progress bar done its work.



      How can I communicate Jquery progress bar with handler and dao method   



      http://docs.jquery.com/UI/API/1.8/Progressbar#overview ?