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    Odd behaviour in rich:dataTable using rows and rich:datascroller

    elisei Newbie

      Hi all,


      I experience some strange behaviour using rich:dataTable with rows and rich:datascroller. I have a normal datatable and a datascroller in the footer. Everything works fine, except this:


      When I change rows from a smaller number to a bigger number, while the displayed page is for example 2, (datatable will then be rerendered) and only one page should be displayed (instead of two or more pages including datascroller), not all rows are beeing displayed. Just the rows beginning from the frist element of the second page. This is strange.


      I tried manually setting page number to 1, but no change in behaviour occured.


      How can I set the counter from element 0 to element n of the dataTable?


      Many thanks in advance,