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    jboss EJB remote interface required ports

    Lam Le Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am having problem using jboss EJB as a remote service for my application running in tomcat.

      I have two Linux machine, one running jboss and one running tomcat. They are in local intranet.

      If I do not set up any firewall in the machine running jboss, the remote service works just fine from other linux machine.

      However, when I have a firewall in jboss machine to block all incomming port, allowing only port 1099 (which is required), the remote service fails and it cries abbout 'connection timeout'.

      I also tried to open some suspicious ports such as 1090,1098, 8009, 8083,.. but no helps.

      My context config:





      Any help pls.


      Lam Le