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    Monitoring/Creating an email alert in JBoss 6

    Subin Sugunan Newbie



      I was trying to create an monitor/notification service in JBoss 6 [Final]. Basically below is what I was trying to achieve.


           1. Create a listener or something similar, which will listen to specific events (Error conditions/exception such as memory consuption exceeds some limits, deployment errors ...etc ).

           2. Whenever the event occurs, send a mail notification to a some email id.


      I did some investigation on this and found that "Monitoring and Alert" services were supported in JBoss 4.x .

      Most of the examples I found over the internet was using the old web console we had in JBoss 4.x


      Below is one such link:



      The Old "web console" is now replaced with a "admin console" in Jboss 6 , But it seems to be not having Monitor and  Alerts services included.


      Is there any alternative way to so this in Jboss 6 ?


      Thanks in advance