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    IPC problem after JBoss Portal Upgrade

    Basar Daldal Newbie



      I am working on an application where there are various portlets accessed by a menu. The portlets are all at minimized state at start up. A portlet is converted to normal state whenever it is selected from the menu.

      This is working fine for the following configuration:


      JBoss Portal 2.6.4

      Richfaces 3.1.4

      Jboss Portletbridge 1.0.0 B1

      JSF 1.2.13


      I am trying to do the following upgrade:


      JBoss Portal 2.7.2

      Richfaces 3.3.3 Final

      Jboss Portletbridge 2.1.0 Final

      JSF 1.2.13


      After the upgrade, the portlets do not get to normal state after being selected from the menu. For debugging, I change some portlets to be at normal state at start up and they work fine in this case, until I minimize them again.


      So, as a summary, the problem is, I can't get portlets to normal state by initiating an action from another portlet. I wonder of there is a problem with IPC after the upgrade. I do not see any exception in the logs.


      Any idea on where the problem might be and what I should check?