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    Refresh Extension and Skins

    Kamesh Sampath Newbie



      I am doing a Gatein Development with JBoss EPP 5.1.0, I am trying to create the portal using extensions and using maven for building EAR and deploying in to JBoss, during this iterative process I am trying to test and do the development with -Dexo.product.developing=true




      I define an Portal + pages+ navigation when I deploy it i see its not coming as expected so undeplying and making changes and redeploying the extension



      In these scenarios I am not able to see the changes to the Portal extension, I have to either delete the $CONFIG/data/gatein folder or drop the tables in order to see the changes


      Question 1 :

      Is there anyway we could refresh the deployments in the test/deploy method so that changes are see once we redeploy and/or restart the server?


      Question 2 :

      I am having the same issues with skin deployments, is there anyway to see the CSS changes without restarting the server by just clearing the cache ?




        • 1. Refresh Extension and Skins
          Michal Vanco Newbie



          there is important thing when using extension: if you are adding new portal + pages + navigation definitions then it's applied only at the first startup!

          That's why you have to drop tables or delete /data folder (if you are using hsqldb).


          If you are using -Dexo.product.developing=true parameter then css is not cached on client and you should see changes after redeploy (you don't have to restart).

          You can create skin as a separate WAR archive with gatein-resources.xml defined and you should see changes with every redeploy.


          Then you will have an extension with configuration files which overrides or extend default portal configuration (this extension will be deployed before the first start of server) and then you can have separate skin archive and another archive with developed portlets (it can be redeployed in runtime as well).


          Hope this helps.


          Regards, Michal Vančo, JBoss QE

          • 2. Refresh Extension and Skins
            Kamesh Sampath Newbie

            Thanks Michal, let me check on the same, but the extension refresh is not happening unless untill i drop and delete the data folder even with MySQL, is there any better way to do the development where we may require to do multiple deployments testing to get it right.