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    borges Novice

      Hi (again),


      First I don't think that we should be doing any other migration until we are fully recovered from the Maven migration.


      But I would like to ask you folks to consider whether HornetQ should migrate to Git in the foreseeable future.


      The arguments I have for Git are:

      • Merging is better. Since a lot of code moved around due to Maven, it has become a bit harder to merge changes from trunk to Branch_2_2. Git should improve this situation. Right now it is possible to use git-svn, but one thing that git-svn does not, is to handle merges between branches (read the git-svn man page).
      • AS7 has gone into Git as well (which makes the case for Mercurial somewhat weaker)
      • Loads of other benefits over svn (such as, off line commits, no waiting for the server to get logs, better annotate support, cherry-picking)


      The purpose of starting a discussion like this much earlier than an actual migration is to give developers time to try Git through git-svn, before deciding on what to do, or if we decide to migrate to have enough time for people to get used to Git through the git-svn bridge.


      If you are not familiar at all with Distributed SCM, Joel Spolsky wrote a great introduction to it. Ok, he is using Mercurial and not Git, but almost everything he says applies to Git as well.