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    Info on XACML PDP Locators?

    paorocce Newbie

      Dear all,

        I'm new to this forum, and I don't know if this is the right place to raise these questions. if not, please redirect me.


      I'm interested in the SAML profile for XACML provided by the PicketLink / PicketBox. I managed to install and run the PicketLink PDP servlet sample as described in http://community.jboss.org/wiki/SAMLV2AndXACMLV2Integration.


      Now I have a couple of questions about policy locators:


      1) Is there a Policy Locator to reference all policies in a directory? If yes, how can I configure it? If not, how can I write such one?


      2) Is there a way to support policy composition, i.e. to enable the enforcement of policies from different sources? I suppose this could be managed by having more than one locator, can you point me to some more documentations about how to write custom Locators?


      Thanks in advance for your answer!