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    Hudson Padua Melo Newbie



      i have a environment for a critical application with apache2.2.4/jboss4.2.3 in a machine with solaris10_SPARC. The Default_Type in the Apache is configurated with application/soap+xml and, when the client try to access the page, the browser asks to do the download of the page.


      Do you think that some configuration in Jboss can help for this situation????


      I wait for a help!!!

      Thanks everybody.


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          Mark Paluch Master

          Hi Hudson,

          that would be the behavior I expect. Most Browsers support only text/.... (text/xml, text/html, ...) image.../ (image/gif, image/png, ...) and some few Mime-Types more for displaying. Default Type for an Apache HTTPd should be text/html or text/plain. But more interesting than Browser triggers Download is: Is the content (when you download it) what you expect?


          Best regards,


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            Hudson Padua Melo Newbie

            Hi Mark, thank you for reply.


            the application that is in Jboss is a Java App, and the expected is a .do return. The problem is, i have two environments, one with Apache/jboss in Solaris/Sparc and another in Solaris/x86 but the problem only happen in Solaris/sparc. How the application needs to answer with soap1.2 the application/soap+xml went necessary to be configurated with DefaultType.


            In annex a image of the download.


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              Mark Paluch Master

              When your DefaultType is other than text/html, the .do-Request won't stay the only one problem. There are three appoaches, what you could do:


              1. Setting the Content-Type application/soap+xml only where needed (my favorite)
              2. Create a Servlet-Filter an map this filter to your resources, where you want to display those in your browser (e.g. Filter-Mapping *.do). In this filter you set (static) the Content-Type you need (probably text/html)
              3. You add the "do" extension in Apache's mime-config to the text/html mime-type
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                Hudson Padua Melo Newbie

                Hi Mark, is this guy!!!


                I set a static filter in web.xml to answer requests soap+xml and text/html too. See how i did:

















                Thank you very much for help my friend!!!!