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    soap:address with https:// in JBoss AS 6

    Frank Bitzer Newbie

      Hi there,


      I have some EJBs annotated with @WebService, so they are accessible via SOAP WS. The server generates a WSDL just fine, but with one mistake: the endpoint in the soap:address URL must begin with https instead of http (because the JBoss is sitting behind an Apache that does SSL termination).


      So my question is: how to achieve this?


      After some time of googling I found out that there was a @WebContext annotation with a paramter "transportGuarantee = "CONFIDENTAL"" in earlier versions of JBoss. However, it seems that JBoss AS 6 Final does not recognize this annotation any more (I guess this is du to the fact it uses JBoss WS wit Apache CXF?). What can I do?


      Cheers, Frank