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    JSF 2 View Scope

    rory evans Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a project which uses the following: JSF 2, Richfaces 4, Spring 3, Hibernate.


      I am using to Spring to manage all of my services and backing beans but want some of these beans to be view scoped (request is too short and session is too long). My problem is that Spring does not have a view scope, it only has request and session scopes.


      I have read that in Richfaces 3 there was the @KeepAlive annotation which acheived the same as a view scope, but this seems to have been deprecated in Richfaces 4 in favour of JSF's own @ViewScoped annotation.


      If I'm not letting JSF manage my beans (i'm managing them with Spring), how can I achieve the behaviour of view scope in Richfaces 4?