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    Cache enries not removed from JDBM filestore with passivation enabled

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      so unfortunately I have JBoss Cache instance that uses a Jdbm cache loader as a persistent store and given that JBoss Cache is so poor at what it tries to do, there is no way to force expiration from the cache loader so I have to use a batch process which runs daily to clear out the cache.


      Thing is that even with passivation enabled, the remove method doesn't clear out the file store which completely flies in the face of the User's Guide.  Sure, the Fqns are no longer accessible but the physical store still contains the dead cached data which means that the only way to clear the store completely is to stop the cache, physically remove the Jdbm files and restart the cache.  I've tried this out with a very simple setup using Infinispan too and the same results.


      Surely there has to be some other way to purge the store? Would moving to Berkely DB help or even JDBC (thus returning back to the reason why I'm using the cache in the first place?)