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    Needed: Task (and Resource) Management Framework

    Chuck Irvine Newbie

      I'm new to jBPM so I may be expressing the need for something that already exists. (I hope so!). Imagine a company where everything is driven by task assignment. Tasks that originate from jBPM workflows, tasks that come from project planning software like MS Project, tasks that originate from Google Tasks, tasks that originate from Microsoft Outlook, etc, etc. Now, shouldn't there be a SINGLE application that users use to receive and manage their tasks, just like there is a single application that I use to manage my email? Is there something like this?


      The same goes for resource (people) management. There should be a single framework for setting up resources (i.e. people, task performers!) and then these resources should be accessible from my project management software, from jBPM, from yet another BPM framework, etc, etc. Is there something like this?


      It seems to me that if these things don't exist, their creation would do a lot to facilitate the global adoption of BPM. Just thinking out loud and hoping others will join the conversation and provide me with relevant pointers. Thanks